Hear Matthew 6:10

Word-for-word translation of Matthew 6:10

ejlqevtw hJ basileiva sou.

come the kingdom of-you

genhqhvtw to; qevlhmav sou

happen the wish of-you

wJV ejn ou)ranw:/ kai; ejpi; th:V gh:V.

as in heaven also upon the earth

Pronunciation of Matthew 6:9

ejlqevtw hJ basileiva sou.

el-THEH-toh hey bah-sih-LEH-ah soo

genhqhvtw to; qevlhmav sou

gen-ay-THAY-toh toh THEH-lay-MAH soo

wJV ejn ou)ranw:/ kai; ejpi; th:V gh:V.

hos en ou-rah-NOH kai eh-PI tays gayce

Vocabulary for Matthew 6:10

basileiva - nominative feminine singular noun: kingdom, rule, reign

genhqhvtw - aorist passive imperative 3rd person singular

gh:V - genitive feminine singular noun: earth, land, country

ejlqevtw - aorist active imperative 3rd person singular; come

ejn - preposition: in, on, at

ejpi; - preposition with genitive: on, upon, over, at, by

hJ - nominative feminine singular definite article: the

qevlhmav - nominative neuter singular noun: will, wish, desire

kai; - and, also, even

ou)ranw:/ - dative masculine singular noun: heaven

sou - genitive singular 2nd person personal pronoun: your

th:V - genitive feminine singular definite article: the

to; - nominative neuter singular definite article: the

wJV - as, like

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