This page is an attempt to give Greek students something that will be useful and rewarding at the very early stages of study.

I use the version of the Lord's Prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13 of the "Stephanus" text of the Greek New Testament because most people are familiar with it.

For the audio, I use the "Erasmian" pronunciation usual in seminaries and other academic venues. This is also the pronunciation used by the famous Parsons Technology CD-based "Greek Tutor" course, which is where I first learned it. Other pronunciation possibilities include modern Greek, as used in, for example, Greek Orthodox churches and in Greece; and the system used in the NT Greek course at, which is a reconstruction of what Koine might have actually sounded like in its own time as a living language; it's "about 3/4 of the way from Attic Greek to modern." To hear this pronunciation, click on "Courses" and then "Sample Lesson." I'm undecided as to what's the best choice: probably the Erasmian is the worst in terms of authenticity, but, since it's practically universal in academic and seminary circles, going to something better is like trying to persuade people to go back to BetaMax VCR format, or a more efficient alternative to the conventional "QUERTY" computer keyboard. I think it's good to be able to at least understand as wide a range of pronunciations as possible; for myself, the Erasmian is pretty ingrained so that's the one I use here.

You'll need an mp3 audio file player to hear the audio parts of this page. If you have audio software and hardware properly set up, you should be able to just click on one of the "Hear" picks and hear the passage. If you try it and it doesn't work, a player that works well is Netscape Winamp. It can be downloaded free from Or you can download QuickTime for free from

This page uses the "Galilee" font to display the Greek text. If the Greek parts look like gibberish, or you don't see any Greek characters, you can download this font free for non-commercial purposes; for instructions on how to download it go to