Vocabulary List - Matthew 6:9-13

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aJgiasqhvtw - imperative aorist passive 3rd person singular verb: be made holy, be regarded as sacred; from aJgiavzw

basileiva - nominative feminine singular noun: kingdom, rule, reign (basileiva, basileivaV, f.)

genhqhvtw - aorist passive imperative 3rd person singular; from givnomai

gh:V - genitive feminine singular noun: earth, land, country (gh:, gh:V, f.)

ejlqevtw - aorist active imperative 3rd person singular; come; from e[rcomai

ejn - preposition: in, on, at

ejpi; - preposition with genitive: on, upon, over, at, by; with dative: on, at, in, with, near, because of; with accusative: on, upon, in, against, to, concerning

hJ - nominative feminine singular definite article: the

hJmw:n - 1st person plural genitive personal pronoun: our

qevlhmav - nominative neuter singular noun: will, wish, desire (qevlhmav, qelhvmatoV, n.)

kai; - and, also, even

oJ - nominative masculine singular definite article: the

o[vnoma - nominative neuter singular noun: name (o[vnoma, ojnovmatoV, n.)

ou\n - therefore

oujranoi:V - dative masculine plural noun: heavens
ou)ranw:/ - dative masculine singular noun: heaven (oujranovV, oujranou:, m.)

ou{twV - thus, so

pavter - vocative masculine singular noun: father (pavter, patrovV, m.)

proseuvcesqe - 2nd person plural imperative: y'all pray!; from proseuvcomai

sou - genitive singular 2nd person personal pronoun: your

th:V - genitive feminine singular definite article: the

to; - nominative neuter singular definite article: the

toi:V - dative masculine plural definite article: the

uJmei:V - 2nd person plural nominative personal pronoun: y'all

wJV - as, like

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